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Reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and discover strategic opportunities to apply across your organization.
Identify and Solve Shipping Problems
Volatility, complexity and ambiguity will continue to plague the supply chain for the foreseeable future. Intelligent Audit delivers unmatched Freight Audit, Recovery, Analytics, and Payments so shippers can make smarter decisions in uncertain times.
Parcel Audit & Recovery
Best-in-class software solution for automatically verifying and validating all charges
Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence utilizing true unsupervised machine learning to identify anomalous patterns
Finance & Accounting Tools
Improve accrual and coding accuracy. See close to real-time, accurate cost breakdowns.
Business Intelligence & Analytics
Smarter decision-making with data-driven Insights
Logistics Network Optimization
Assess and improve connections for better service and cost savings
Schedule reports to deliver the results you want when you want them.
Up to 80% of all carrier invoices have discrepancies.

Realize savings in auditing and payment costs, including a comprehensive and systematic three-way contractual audit of more than 150+ data points across all modes globally down to the penny.

Freight audit and recovery solutions automate issue identification, claims submission, and recovery in three key areas to eliminate costly mistakesand uncover hidden savings. Including, but not limited to:
Rate Variance
Accessorial charges, fees, and waivers
Duplicate Invoices
Corrected Invoice Fees
Late Payment Fees
Incorrectly Billed Shipments
Expectations and Potential Recovery
Service Failure Refunds