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Carrier Payments, freight insurance and how to reduce freight damage

Weekly Freight Industry Newsletter - Issue 1
Carriers are beginning to look at their Accounts Receivables more than ever.
Carrier Payments

As the economy continues to decline into recession, it is more important than ever to please pay the carriers within five days of receiving your GLI Carrier Payable Reports.

Carriers are beginning to look at their Accounts Receivables more than ever. This includes when negotiating with GLI for contract renewals. If you pay the carriers beyond five days after receiving your reports, it makes it difficult for GLI to keep your rates as sharp as possible during this carrier dominated market because they factor this into their overall profitability calculations of your shipments.

For clients who use GLI's Brokerage Services, it is also important to stay within Payment Terms.
Reducing Freight Damage
Demand is still exceeding Supply in the Freight Industry due to a shortage in Terminal Workers and Drivers.

Damages occur more frequently in this type of shipping environment Here are tips to reduce damage:

• Do not allow your freight to exceed the pallet size

• Use pallets in good condition

• Center your freight on the pallet

• Secure your freight (shrink wrap) on the pallet tightly so it doesn't shift in transit

Carriers legally have limited liability riddled with exceptions when it comes to cargo damage. This limits the customer to accepting something other than actual insurance coverage. Shipper’s Interest Insurance is a first-party policy protecting your goods up to their declared value in the event of physical loss or damage in transit.
LTL Carrier Audits and Inspections
LTL Carrier Audits and Inspections are out of control and often incorrect. When we receive a carrier bill with a questionable correction, GLI Auditor, Ethan Kaiser, will contact your company to request the documents/pics below. The more information has, the better the chances he can get them overturned.
Did you know that GLI now offers Freight Insurance?
Freight Insurance

We have partnered with a Freight Insurance company to provide freight insurance for less than half of what carriers charge. The best part is that your freight is fully covered whether the carrier denies the claim or only provides partial reimbursement. Please contact your GLI Logistics Manager for more information.
  • Reweighs
    • Image of Scale Calibration Certificate

    • Manufacturer's Spec Sheet of Product

    • Copy of Packing List

    • Copy of Invoice

  • Inspections
    • Detailed Product Description

    • NMFC Item Number from the manufacturer

    • Copy of Packing List
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